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Meadow Mill
3600 Clipper Mill Road #116, Baltimore, MD 21211

Classes are also located in the Meadow Mill Workshop in Baltimore City, and our annual Gem Show is typically held in Howard County, Maryland.
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Spring 2015 Classes
April 7th Program

Feldspar minerals belong to the silicate group and contain variable amounts of sodium, potassium and calcium.  Sunstone, one of the feldspar minerals has two cleavage planes and is therefore referred to as a plagioclase feldspar.

The optical effect seen in many Sunstones is caused by copper inclusions which give these stones a red or green appearance when turned to the proper angle (and cut correctly).

Found in Norway and in some localities in Oregon, Sunstone is the official gemstone of Oregon.  Well cut stones of 5 ct or more often sell for more than $1,000 per carat and are highly prized.

Join us for our April 7th meeting as GIA graduate Bernie Emery discusses this wonderful gem material.

Our meeting will begin on Tuesday, April 7th at 7:30 pm at Meadow Mill.  Although the parking lot and walkways have been well salted, please exercise caution as ice does tend to form from melting snow.

If you have any examples of Sunstone - either rough or cut, bring them along for show & tell.


Winter Weather Notes

If Baltimore County schools cancel their evening activity our meeting will be canceled. You can obtain this information by tuning to WBAL radio (1090 AM) or most TV stations. You can usually also find the information at We'll also try to put out a notice via the Guild's Yahoo Group email list. 

Should a workshop class need to be cancelled, students enrolled in the class will be notified directly by the instructor.