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Click the link with the arrow to contribute to the specified fund. If recurring donations have been set up for a fund, a "Schedule Donation" link will appear for that fund. Click the Schedule Donation link to make a recurring donation.
Donations are a necessary aspect of a successful nonprofit guild. Individuals can make a one-time cash donation or they can manage a continued sustainable donation program that helps with growth or maintenance of the guild.

Non-cash donations must be evaluated by the Board so that the maintenance of a donation doesn't weigh down the guild's savings or add to expenses without bringing in revenue. Please discuss your non-cash donation with the President.

When making a donation, we suggest that you print the form and mail it with your check to the Gem Cutters Guild. You may use a credit card to make your donation, but remember that a portion of your donation [ current charges 3.29% ] will go to pay the credit card company for the service of using a card.

When it asks [Proceed to Payment] click on [Select Payment Method] then click [Print invoice and Send Check].

Thanks for your support of the Guild's work and its' educational
$2,349.50 received toward our goal of $5,000.00